The Scion FR-S Will Cost $24,200

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Scion apparently announced to its dealers the pricing for the Scion FR-S, according to a leaked document on The MSRP for the 6-speed manual is $24,200 before delivery and handling and the auto will go for $25,300. Both should see a bump of around $1,000 with those other charges.


If you're a cynical bastard, you'll bemoan how a base V6 Mustang retails for almost $2,000 less than an equally-base FR-S. Otherwise, open your checkbooks for the first new exciting, affordable little sports coupe in a long time.

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I actually am a comparatively cynical bastard, and while I like this thing, that's more than I, personally, would be willing to pay for it. Granted, developing an all-new RWD sports car platform from scratch is not cheap by any means. Similarly, in its niche, it's not really stretching the price boundary all that much.

At $24.2k, though, I would take the V6 Mustang over this any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. It's a great-handling car in it's own right, has a gem of an engine, is efficient, and can be ordered with GT-spec suspension for just a few grand more. It's also a little bit more practical, and I personally like the styling better.

The only way I could justify that entry price is if they were marketing it in much the same way that Acura does for it's cars, in the sense that when you see the price on the Acura, it's the price of the fully-loaded version, as they don't sell de-spec'd versions of the car. I doubt that will be the case, though; especially with Scion. Their cars come stripped to the bone, and adding even mild options to them can ring up the price a lot faster than you realize.

With all that being said, I don't think that it's horribly overpriced by any means, especially when you consider how much a Miata, MS3, GTI, etc. cost. It's just that for my personal preferences, I'd rather spend that kind of money to get something better suited to my tastes.