What’s The Worst Winter Driving Advice You’ve Heard?

We've all got a friend who thinks they're a winter driving expert, but who's advice is just hot air?

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A car drives down a snow-covered road
What’s the worst piece of winter driving advice you’ve ever heard?
Photo: Ronny Hartmann / Contributor (Getty Images)

Winter is coming. Ok, maybe it is. You wouldn’t know that in most places across the U.S. where snow has been known to already linger on the ground, where the mercury is approaching 60 this week. But global warming or not, it’s best to be on the safe side and prepare for the potential colder temps that lie ahead.

So as you start digging out your winter boots, gloves, down jacket and/or ski pants, we want to know the worst bits of advice that have crossed your path when it comes to winter driving advice.

Have you been told that you don’t really need four-wheel-drive for best performance in wintery conditions? Or, you might believe that it’s best to put your windscreen wipers up when you park in the snow.


There’s all kinds of urban myths like these that supposedly hold the key to safe winter driving. But what pointers aren’t just wrong opinions, but are instead outright dangerous tips?

That’s we want to uncover today: the teachings from so-called “driving experts,” who should not be trusted when it comes to anything with four wheels and an engine.


We won’t discriminate if it’s a family member who doesn’t quite understand what to do in the event of a skid, or perhaps that old college friend who swears to know the best way to de-ice your car. We’ve all met that one person who’s full of hot air and a little of idiocy when it comes to the safest practices to follow when driving in the winteriest of conditions.

So, if you’ve overheard some outrageous advice, or been privy to some questionable winter driving tips yourself, let us know the worst offenders in the comments section below.


We’ll round up some of the best (or worst) responses later on today so we all know what not to do whenever winter finally (if it ever) shows up.