What’s The Worst Piece Of Car Advice You’ve Ever Heard?

From bad habits to questionable maintenance, what's the worst car advice you've ever heard?

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Two cars drive through puddles in New York City
What’s the worst piece of car advice you’ve ever heard?
Photo: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images)

Opinions: Everyone’s got one. And when it comes to driving or anything else having to do with cars, it seems like everybody on the road wants to give you their two cents’. And that’s what we want to hear today—the unsolicited advice you’ve heard from the car community—or maybe some bad advice you’ve given.

From online forums and YouTube videos to local car meetups or whisperings overheard in the parking lot, it seems like any person who has sat behind the wheel of a car has something to share. And it isn’t always worthwhile advice that they have to offer.


It could be something as simple as directions to the nearest gas station, to other tips such as how to drive safer, pointers to make your commute more fun, or even insider info on how to extract more performance from your car.

In the past, we’ve been given tips for navigating today’s torrid car market, such as cross-shopping between brands to find the best deal. And we’ve heard, winter driving advice like keeping the Beach Boys Greatest Hits in your car so you drive like it’s just a relaxing summer day. Although, I think keeping the Beach Boys in your car all year round is maybe the best way to go.


But that’s not what we want today. Today we want to hear the worst car advice you’ve overheard. It can be advice you’ve given, received, or simply heard in passing. The worse, the better.

We want to uncover the bad habits that you’ve seen drivers sharing with other road users, and the questionable maintenance tips that would-be mechanics have passed on to unsuspecting enthusiasts.


Let us know the worst pieces of car advice you’ve ever heard in the comments below.