What’s The Worst Job In The Car Industry?

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From overworked mechanics to desperate car salesmen, there are a lot of terrible, terrible jobs in the world of cars. Which one is the worst?


Right now, you couldn't have a job that sucks harder than the people working PR for Suzuki Cars. All the guys at the big company picnic you see from the quads, bikes, and marine divisions are universally loved. You, on the other hand, are completely ignored. Even when you built a decent car no one really cares because they've forgotten you build cars and you have almost no budget or support and bad alliances with automakers. I mean, that's just got to be depressing at this point.

So what job, whether it's with a car company, factory, or in the auto service industry, is the worst of all?


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Auto Journalist

What with the world still trying to recover from the Carpocalypse and the tenuous holds on profitability that most auto makers have right now it seems the market has stagnated. The most exciting things coming out of Detroit or Europe are special editions of models that have been out for years already, sometimes decades. Even the family sedans are boring. When was the last time Car and Driver got excited over a new Accord?

I don't envy the auto journalist. Not much to write about except the absurdity the pervades the industry fostered from a fear of paralyzing debt and losing profitability. When the biggest stories coming out of the auto industry are about the financial back room moves Fiat makes in dealing with Chrysler or the political garbage about GM's fleecing of the U.S. Taxpayer, it must really suck having to write about cars without having that other stuff blunder in to the story somewhere.

I honestly miss the early 2000's when things were good and Ford was building Super cars and Aston Martin was "developing" a micro-car with Toyota. Anything went and every week there was a new batshit insane idea coming out of somewhere. That and nobody took Tesla seriously as anything more than glorified golf cart maker.

Now, reading automotive news is almost like reading Forbes where rich guys try to sound like they know what they are talking about but fail epically at it. I hate those guys. Know-nothing windbags.

All you auto journalists should go grab yourself a shot a beer to drown your sorrows in. You've earned it in the past 5 years!