What’s The Worst Car Show On TV?

Car shows can be a great intro to the automotive world, but what’s the worst one you can watch on TV?

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What’s the worst car show you can watch on TV?
Gif: History Channel

For me, and I assume many of you reading this, old school Top Gear was my introduction to the fantastic world of cars. Watching James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson attempt to make stretch limos or traverse Africa showed how much fun you could have with anything with wheels and an engine.

But, not every car show on TV can do that. Some can quickly become overdramatic, super-scripted or just plain dull. So with that in mind, what’s the worst car show you can watch right now?


Whether it’s a show that takes an adventurous road trip across far flung places, an animated series to appeal to fledgling fanatics or one of those race against the clock restoration series, we want to know.

Maybe you think there’s a few too many cobwebs in Car Masters: Rust to Riches for your liking, or you might not be a fan of the northern takeover of new Top Gear.


If you’ve ever sat down for an episode of Counting Cars, you’ll know the struggle of enduring some real trash. Since its premiere in 2012, this series has centered way too much on the drama of its cast, instead of the vehicles they’re meant to be restoring. It gets real old, real fast.

But what awful car shows would you add to this list? Whatever the show and whatever the reason, we want to hear your picks for the worst car show you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to see on TV.


Let us know your top picks in the comments section below and we’ll compile a list of the top responses later on today. That way, we’ll all know what shows to avoid the next time we’re endlessly scrolling in search of a new series to start.