Fantastic, There Are More Car Shows Coming to Netflix

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While I am very excited about the upcoming, animated Fast and Furious show, my faith in Netflix’s ability to competently produce a good car show was severely shaken after Fastest Car. Netflix just announced that it’s renewed Fastest Car for a second season and will also add two more shows. I don’t know whether to be eager or afraid.


The first show will be called Car Masters: Rust to Riches, launching Sept. 14, in which:

Mark Towle and his team at Gotham Garage have perfected the upgrade and trade model, using sweat equity and sheer car genius to turn rusty wrecks into six-figure paydays.


Towle is a custom car builder and fabricator, known for creating that street-legal Mach 5 from Speed Racer. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of customization he’ll add to the eight episodes. Mostly, my hope is that he’ll be bringing something like the Titanic back from the dead. That would be super fun to watch.

The second show will be Hyperdrive, a 10-episode installment which is vaguely described as:

... a high-stakes tournament series where daring drivers from across the globe compete for the glory on one of the largest automotive obstacle courses ever constructed.

The series is currently filming in Rochester, NY and will launch in 2019

Does this mean like a cannonball kind of thing? And what obstacle courses? Off-roading? Race tracks? Challenges, like in Top Gear? Guess we’ll find out.

And bringing up the rear of the press release is a note about Fastest Car season two, which will have seven episodes:

The sleeper-vs.-supercar competition show, Netflix’s first global original motor series, returns for a second season as drivers race toward the final showdown.


Sound like it’ll be the same stuff, then.

Fastest Car felt like it was cobbled together by someone who didn’t have the slightest idea about car culture, so I’m hoping the other two shows will change that. Netflix has great other shows, there’s no reason why that should stop with the car shows.

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So more:

-Cars being built and sold


-Overly sanitised car challenges


You guys are so close to producing a really great show I think, I really like the idea of Jason Drives and the other show you did where you get involved with car culture.  Im more hopeful for that than I am for either of these shows from Netflix.