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What’s The Greatest Barn Find Of All Time?

Illustration for article titled What’s The Greatest Barn Find Of All Time?

The barn find is the ultimate prospect for a car collector – it offers a kind of untouched, deflowered vehicle. They are the virgins of the auto world.


We love a car that’s well aged, well maintained, and well used, but there’s something to be said for unearthing a legendary car that’s been lost for decades. So, what’s the greatest barn find ever made?

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Photo Credit: Donnie Boyd

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YSI-what can brown do for you

The Shelby Daytona of course!!! It has a really cool story as well. Apparently the woman was offered 500k for it, even though it was in dismal shape, she still declined. She died with the car in her barn still. Anyway, I think its the most beautiful American car ever, and I am so glad they found this one!