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What’s The Coolest Road Not On Google Street View?

Illustration for article titled What’s The Coolest Road Not On Google Street View?

The all-seeing Eye of Google Street View has covered most of the US by now, but a few distant roads remain unseen.


Here is one Canopus Hill Road, which includes a very wicked hairpin, as I found out the hard way by skidding my car off the road and onto its door one wet, foggy afternoon. It’s up about an hour and fifteen north of NYC by Fahnestock State Park. It’s not really a road for fast driving by any means; there are too many people living on it for that to be safe. That said, it is a sweet, narrow, beautiful forest way with excellent pavement for something so rural, and I can’t wait to go back for a cruise.

What’s the coolest road you can find that’s not on Google Street View? We’re taking submissions from the whole world, but expect tomorrow’s list to be slightly more US-centric than otherwise.


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Photo Credit: Google Maps

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Jonathan Harper

Canopus Hollow/Dennytown road is one of my personal favs. Did you find that on your own or did I tell you about it Raph?

And yes, that hairpin is gnarly, especially since its over an off-camber crest.