What’s Ford Hiding On This 2014.5 Mustang?

We already have a good idea what the 2014.5 Mustang will probably look like, with a faster roof and a longer nose. Now we see a test mule that's similar to the current model but is hiding something else unexpected.


A Jalopnik reader found a whole Ford test fleet in Denver, with Fusions, a Fiesta, an Ecosport with Japanese emblems, a heavily-padded mule dressed like an old Mondeo, and these Mustangs. He noticed the grill of the new Mustang looked very strange.

They look to us like adjustable louvers. Other cars have these block-off slats to improve aerodynamics on the highway, giving better fuel economy. They're not as awesome as those flip-open flaps on drag racer blowers, but active aero is always going to be cool.

According to two people who claim to have seen the 2014.5 Mustang at a consumer clinic, the new Mustang has features a lot like this car, so we may be looking at a 2014.5 test mule. If it is a 2014.5 car under the skin, our spotter was one of the first people outside of Ford to hear the car running.

He started the Mustang while I was there and gave it a little gas. It may have SAID 5.0 on the side. But there's no way it was. Sounded like a V6.


While it would be no surprise to get more power out of the next generation Mustang, we may get to see higher fuel economy numbers, too. Very cool.


(Hat tip to Bret!)

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