What New Car Will Depreciate The Most In 20 Years?

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Today’s cars are the most capable and technically accomplished in history. What are they gonna look like in two decades?


I can’t imagine a single car dropping more in price than the current S65 AMG Coupe, a car I love with a significant piece of my heart. It has more power than any human could ever use.


And I know that in 20 years, the new top-of-the-line big body Benz will blow it out of the water, and there will be no reason to own this 2015 car. You’ll snatch one up for pennies, just as you can get an old AMG for pennies today.

What new car do you think will depreciate the most in 20 years?

Photo Credit: Mercedes Benz

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The Hellcat twins.

I mean, if they’re still in good shape, sure, but every one that actually gets driven will eventually end up like this:

Still worth it.