What Music Do You Want To Hear At Our L.A. Airport Party Next Week?

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We’re going to have a DJ as part of our bigass party in Los Angeles at Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar next Friday, September 25th (RSVP here). And not just any DJ, we’ll have music by DJ Tay James. What do you want to hear?

Next Friday’s event at Barker Hanger will open with ride-and-drives in the new Mazda MX-5 Miata at 4:00 PM and people will probably start filtering in, showing off their cars in the parking lot, and hanging out to grab food and beverages until 7:30 PM when we have a showing of WINNING: Paul Newman A Racing Life with director Adam Carolla. Following the screening we’ll have a Q&A with Matt Farah and Carolla to discuss the film.


And after that? PAR-TAY! To give our maestro a sense of what we like I thought we’d suggest music based on the Something Old (Classic), Something New (New Music), Something Borrowed (Cover), Something Blue (Low-Key). Here are my picks:

Something Old: “Ms Fat Booty” - Mos Def

Something New: “More Than You” - Class Actress

Something Borrowed: “The Suburbs” - Mr. Little Jeans

Something Blue: “Hollywood Cemetery Forever Sings” - Father John Misty

Leave your picks in the comments. RSVP for the party here and your tickets for Saturday here.

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Andrew T. Maness

Solid five selections there Matt, always love to hear Mr. Little Jeans. Here are my five!

Something Old: The Rockafella Skank- Fatboy Slim

Something New: Lonely Town- Brandon Flowers

Something Borrowed: Juicy, New York- Frank Sinatra/Biggie Smalls

Something Blue: Hit ‘Em Up Style- Blu Cantrell