What Kind Of Super-Rich Car Buyer Would You Be?

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Cars represent one of the best ways to flaunt wealth. Their mobility suggests the upward mobility we as a culture now strive to attain, something a house can't do. Comparing wine cellars is only so much fun, as some people, believe it or not, don't even have wine cellars to be mocked. Almost everyone has a car. But being super rich doesn't mean you have to be like this douche, just buying what's expensive. You could be like Jay Leno, collecting unique cars and driving a Model T to work. Then there's Glickenhaus and his custom-built Ferrari.

We're obviously big fans of the Sultan of Brunei's garage, with the Aston Martin wagons, Ferrari wagons... Bentley wagons. But since there are so many ways to be obnoxiously wealthy, what would you do?


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Rob Emslie

One of everything. And bead seat covers. Lots of bead seat covers.