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Rich guy and Ferrari buff James Glickenhaus showed off his Pininfarina-designed Ferrari 612 P4/5 for the international media yesterday at the Paris show. This morning we caught the customized Enzo as it rode the turntable with obligatory Sultry Italian Model(TM), showing off its various bits. Glickenhaus also told us he was among the first to order one of Alfa Romeo's sexy new 8C Competizione models โ€” which will sport a 4.7-liter 460-hp V8 โ€” after Alfa opened its book on the model yesterday (no word on price). Between the Ferrari, Alfa and "Basket Case II," Big G is our new Captain Kangaroo. [Gallery]

Glickenhaus Unveils His New Ferrari 612 P4/5; You Are There: James Glickenhaus Drives His Custom Ferrari [internal]