What Kid Is Picking The Golf Cart Toy?

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I was in a drug store last night, and passed by the rotating display of cheap die-cast cars. Occasionally, you'll see something actually fun in one of these, something interesting that somehow snuck by the Mundanity Inspector of the Quality Control department in the colossal Chinese factory-city that cranks these out. Once I found a Trabant!

This time, though, I was treated to a different sort of surprise. There, amongst the Mini Coopers and Escalades and composite sand rails was this: a regular, white golf cart, complete with golf bags.

I just want to know what little kid looks at a sand rail toy and a golf cart toy and picks the golf cart? Kids who want something slow and with a short range to really fire that imagination up? Part of an AARP playset? An exciting prop for playing with your bag of plastic retirees? Maybe for imagining the adventures of an intra-airport concierge?


Come on, kids. You can dream bigger than that. Hell, I've met six-foot party subs with a more ambitious imagination. And they, at least, were delicious.

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The one who'll someday employ the kid who picked out the Matchbox forklift?