What It's Like To Race, Crash, And Fix A 300 Horsepower BMW Rally Car

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BRAKIM Racing isn't the craziest team in American rallying. There are plenty of madcap Irishmen for that. But the high-flying Brakim guys are one of the fastest teams in their class, and they might just be the most entertaining team in the field.

Here they are at NEFR over the past weekend. They were the fastest rear-drive car at the whole event, picking p a class win on the second day.


I think I have some pictures of my phone of Matt Brandenburg and his codriver Elliot Sherwood trying to fix their steering guibo on top of a pile of rocks out in a Maine forest clearing.

If you ever find yourself at a rally (and you should), say hi to these guys.

UPDATE: I have spoken with Matt Brandenburg and have been assured that Team BRAKIM are the craziest fuckers out there doing it. Let the truth be known!