After being at this year's E3 and seeing the new Forza Horizon game, I realized how much I take for granted the fact that modern racing games look pretty much like actual video of racing. From a distance you can't tell. But it wasn't always this way, and some nostalgic, idiotic part of me misses that.


I grew up on old 8-bit, pixellated racing games, where your car was a square-tired brick, sliding around a track as black and featureless as deepest space. So, in honor of crappier days of yore, I took the pixel patterns of cars from three popular racing games and turned them 3D. Well, 3D pixels. Still blocky, but, you know, 3D blocky.

I don't have a great reason why I did it, but I like the way they look. So here, enjoy 'em, use them for whatever you like.

Atari Sprint 2 (arcade):


Activision Grand Prix (Atari 2600):


Rally X (arcade):

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