BMW's revolutionary i brand has spawned a city car and the sports car of the future so far. Not bad for a start, but what's next?

The BMW i brand gave us the technology to mass-produce carbon fiber parts and electric cars that are exciting without wearing a Tesla badge. The i8 is also the M1 of the 21st century, a hybrid that took a tiny three-cylinder engine all the way up to the 155 plus mph club.

For a loyal BMW enthusiast, having one in the garage is pretty much a must as it's not just another important chapter in the brand's history but an instant classic as well that's also great to drive around all day long.

A job well done so far, but where should the i brand go from here? Making an SUV like Tesla, but with a carbon fiber body? Entering the premium minivan segment? A tiny roadster like the Mini Superleggera Concept was?


Go wild!