What Happens When A Drag Mustang Hits The Street

Drag strips were invented so that people didn't do dumb crap like burnouts and hard launches on public roads. This 347 Stroker-powered '92 Mustang does everything that you shouldn't do, but it was too badass not to share.


According to the YouTube uploader, this car has Edelbrock heads & intake, a 248/258 cam, 4.30 gears, TKO500, 28" M/T ET Street drag radials, and flowmaster dual exhausts.

It's stunts like this that give fast Mustangs a bad name, but at least the crew chose on an empty stretch of country road, where they wouldn't endanger less-knuckleheaded road users. That makes it fair hoon game, and a fitting present for the Mustang's 48th birthday today.



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