What Happened To Your First Car?

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The first car you bought — what was it and where is it now?

My Baja is resting safe and secure, awaiting my hand to try and tidy up all of its old ass wiring.


What happened to the first car you bought?

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My first car was a 1986 Acura Integra RS. My parents ought it a year or so after getting married. When I was born in 1988, I was taken home from the hospital in it. They kept it for 16 years (because it NEVER broke down and being a 5-door hatch was insanely practical) and when I started to drive, it became mine. We kept it alive long enough to take it to the Hagley Classic Car Show in Hockessin, DE for two years, making it the first and only Acura to ever appear at that show. Unfortunately, 20 years in the Northeast was unkind to this car and the floors are completely rotten out of it, as are all four fenders, some of the hood, the subframe mounts...pretty much anywhere you look the car is rotten. In 2008 we decided to park it on a friend's farm until I had the money and time to restore it. Over the summer, the owner of the farm passed away and his widow asked us to remove the car. After sitting untouched for 6 years, it started up and I drove it around the block. I intended to drive it home, but the brakes are a bit funky, there's no muffle, the brake lights don't work, and the engine doesn't idle very well. I just moved from DE to KY and I am setting up shop here. Once I have a garage, I will be bringing the Integra down to tear it apart, repair all of the rust, and restore it back to showroom condition. It's not going to be easy, but this car means a lot to my family, so it'll be worth the time, money, and effort.