What Does Formula One Need To Do To Improve Its Racing?

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The end of the Formula One season is upon us, and it’s time to reflect on all the things The Powers That Be have done right and where things could be better. And because we are motorsport fans, let’s have a nice little chat about what F1 can do to making its racing all the better.


Honestly, this season wasn’t terrible. There was on-track drama, a handful of different race winners, and a pretty good three-team battle for the championship for a little while. The off-track drama with Renault and Rich Energy made for plenty of entertainment even when we weren’t expecting it. The TV package in the United States is decent. All things considered, it could be worse.

F1 is making steps in the right direction (in my opinion) with its 2021 regulations that will regulate both spending and implement spec parts for all the teams to use. While, yes, I’m sure big names like Mercedes and Ferrari are going to find ways to slip through every possible loophole, I’m hoping we’ll have a more evenly-matched field.


But if I’m honest, I think the biggest change I’d love to see in F1 is the stripping away of the mediocre drivers in the field. It’s harsh, sure, but some of this season’s most exciting moments have come from newer drivers like Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and Alexander Albon. Meanwhile, drivers like Romain Grosjean are still clinging to the sport, putting in thoroughly uninspiring performances and just taking up space on the grid that could be taken by up-and-coming talents.

There’s nothing that F1 itself can really do about it—that’s up to the teams, not any sanctioning bodies—but I can still dream.

But it’s up to the rest of y’all—what changes do you want to see?

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It’ll never happen because of the economics of racing, but I’d love to see a separation of the drivers from the teams. Assign drivers to different seats each weekend via lottery. Then you’ll have REAL driver’s and constructor’s championships.