Lewis Hamilton Didn't Win His Fifth Championship This Weekend, But He Was On The Daily Show And That's Kind Of The Same Thing

In an extended nine-minute interview with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah got to the basics of what makes Lewis Hamilton who he is. Lewis has a tradition of touring the American talk show scene during the week prior to the U.S. Grand Prix, including a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live two years ago, and Ellen last year. He is a…

Lewis Hamilton Will Chase His Fifth F1 World Championship From Pole in the U.S. Grand Prix

Formula One may be making its one stop of the year in America this weekend, but there’s another red, white and blue flag that’s important to this particular U.S. Grand Prix: the one British F1 star Lewis Hamilton could wave to celebrate his fifth series title on Sunday. He’ll start first in pursuit of that title.

Germany is Officially Recognizing Sim Racing as a Legitimate Form of Motorsport

If you’re into racing, chances are, you’ve played at least one racing game in your life. With technology ever on the rise and sim racing becoming more than just a ‘game’, Germany’s racing governing body, Deutsche Motor Sport Bund, has decided to officially proclaim sim racing as a legitimate motorsport discipline.

The 2020 F1 Vietnam Grand Prix, if It Happens, Will Be Part Street Course and Part Race Track

There have been rumors about Formula One heading to Vietnam’s capital for a street race all year, but it won’t be as easy as putting down some paint, rumble strips and kerbs. If it happens, the race will take place on a mesh of street course and purpose-built F1 circuit, which will then also become a public street.

Lewis Hamilton Closes In On 2018 Formula One Championship With Ninth Win Of The Year

After picking up the pole position in this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, with Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas playing the ever reliable wing man on the outside of the front row, Lewis Hamilton got away at the start with the ease of a seasoned veteran. With ease, he quickly stretched out a length or two at…

The Limit Recreates a Thrilling Formula One Championship Battle Between Two Unlikely Candidates

Welcome to Formula One in the early 1960s. I bet you’re expecting free-wheeling danger-loving manly men competing for the World Championship, the Steve McQueen cool that everyone expects of drivers in the sport’s most dangerous era—especially from a team as prestigious as Ferrari. So, what if I told you that the…