Here's What Happened With The Botched F1 Pit Stop That Snapped A Ferrari Mechanic's Leg 

Kimi Räikkönen’s Ferrari team didn’t have the best weekend at the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix, since a mishap during pit stops left a team mechanic with a snapped leg and Räikkönen out of the race early. Ferrari and did an investigation into what happened, and it turned out to be a system failure in the team’s pit.


F1 Drivers More Likely To Hit Each Other If They Are Both Contenders: Study

Formula One drivers are more likely to run into each other on the race track if they’re similar in age, social status and competition results, according to a new study that looked at five decades of crashes. It’s like a big game of “I’m cooler than you are,” funded by teams with annual budgets in the $500-million…