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A sparkly brown 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid landed in front of my apartment today, and after driving taking a lap around the neighborhood to find a parking spot I’m surprised to report that I already have a lot of thoughts about this car. What would you like to know while I shake it down over the next seven days?

(Full disclosure: Acura’s representatives invited me to drive an NSX around the race course at Long Beach this week, then kindly offered to let me borrow an MDX Hybrid to get down there from LA. I’m curious about this SUV, so I took them up on it.)


My first impressions of the MDX are that it’s significantly cushier than a Honda Pilot, and the infotainment system is almost insultingly easy to use. More on that later. I might actually be a fan of the controversial two-screen situation; the interface is very intuitive. Resolution’s disappointingly poor, though.

We published a review of the 2019 Acura MDX A-Spec and got pretty comprehensive impressions of what that thing is like to put a lot of miles on, but now I am hoping to focus on how much efficiency I can squeeze out of the Hybrid in Los Angeles traffic.

Get your questions in and I will aim to answer them in the write up!

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