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What Do You Want To Know About The 2014 Toyota Tacoma?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week we're driving a 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 4x4 Double Cab Long Bed Limited all over the place, ask me anything about it and I'll find you an answer! Yes, the wheels are as blinding in real life as they are in this photo.

Built in San Antonio, Texas the current Tacoma in its largest size configuration starts at $28,285. A $7,525 Limited Package adds chrome, heated seats, a power inverter, navigation, a big bucket of driver-conveniences, and my favorite factory car stereo since the gem of a noisemaker in the Nissan Rogue.


Another $650 gets you the V6 Tow Package, which is actually a lot more than just a Class IV receiver– you get a transmission cooler, oil cooler, bigger alternator, beefier battery, and trailer sway control.

Floor mats, tie-downs, a skid plate, and those silly chrome bars across the gunwales (that's $534 of bling alone) brings the total MSRP on this to $38,799.


Want to see more Toyota trucks? Here's how the 2014 4Runner Limited did in its natural environment; shuttling city folk to a Vermont ski resort.

So far, the one-sentence review is that "I like it." This week's evaluation plan is to bomb around the local dirt roads, then drive to Boston and see how it loads/carries a motorcycle.


After driving the pickup from NYC to Truck Yeah! HQ and my mountain lair, I can tell you:

  • Build quality feels excellent; everything's taut and solid.
  • But materials aren't as nice to touch as what I've seen from the Big Three, or what was in the Tundra I drove weeks ago.
  • The JBL stereo, part of the $7,525 Limited Package, is mind-blowingly excellent.
  • But the double-din interface looks a little "Best Buy" for my taste.
  • Engine is quiet, which makes sense because acceleration is not particularly ambitious.
  • For a pickup truck, body roll is very well managed.
  • Roof is very low from the driver's view, creates a rather small windshield.
  • The wheels are altogether too shiny.

Images: Andrew P. Collins