What Do You Think of Red Light Cameras?

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Recently my friend Brian got a letter in the mail. It said Dear Chuck D. We're suckers. Sincerely, the Government that he ran a red light and the city of Los Angeles needs $371 from him. What are the opposites of happy, calm and peaceful? Stompin', honkin', homicidally angry? That's my friend. I know the justification behind the bilking is safety, but having a whole city populated with pissed off angry people, well, that can't be good for safety. Also, an amphibious mammal, within city limits, that's not legal either. My point is, as I'm actually biting my tongue here and not saying how I really feel about red light cams (think Kinison talking about marriage), I invite all of you to not hold back. Well?

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I think the point of "if they can't photo my face they can't prove it's me" is a bit ridiculous. Sure, you didn't run the red, but it's your car. You're legally responsible for it, and nobody should be driving it without your permission. By granting them permission, you're making their incompetence your problem - at the very least, make your idiot friend pay the ticket.

That being said, I don't like red-light cams on principle. However, I really wish I could think of a better solution - I don't know how many times I've been staring at a green light and had three or four people still making lefts in front of me.

Slightly diverging (as we all seem to be doing) to the topic of speed cameras: I refuse to live anywhere where there are speed cameras. Anyone who's been in a high-performance car knows that 65mph can feel very different from car to car. It seems unfair that the soccer-mom on the phone in her h3 can legally go the same speed as an focused driver with two hands on the wheel of a sports car. Yet, going the same speed, I'll get the ticket because my car is capable of going much faster.