Commenter of the Day: Sam Kinison Edition

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Growing up, I always heard older folks talking about where they were when Kennedy was killed. I'm sure you heard the same. I was in Squaw Valley on a family ski trip (yeah, you can do that in April up in the Sierras) when the news came over the radio that Sam Kinison had died. I was devastated. Crushed really. And I didn't even get half his jokes at the time. Like this one, "The problem with cocaine is that one of three things happen; you die, you go to jail or you run out of cocaine." What about the cars, man? Make the jump and see...

We know this is from yesterday, butthat nasty bitch Murilee wrote up one of the best PCH's ever, pitting a motherlovin' Alfa Giulietta against a I'm-on-my-knees-and-I'm-begging-please, please Aston Martin Lagonda. The post inspired Paul Y to muse:

I voted Lagonda, because at least if you ever got the Alfa halfway presentable, normal people would think it's cool. The Lagonda, much like cocaine, will render you lonely, broke, and impotent.


I don't think anyone will ever sum up the Lagonda any better. And for the record, Kinison was in a white Trans Am when a drunk driver killed him.

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@beercheck: Have you ever driven on Hwy 95? You obviously do not know what you are talking about. I drive that highway a few times a year when I go to Laughlin or Havasu. It's a death trap for sure. Probably 100 blind turns and hills and everyone is going 60 mph on windy roads. Very high traffic area. Absolutely terrifying at night. As a matter of fact I'm leaving for Laughlin after work today and will by on that road....after all this talk I'm getting nervous.