New technology is scary, and the idea of a car with no steering wheel or pedals is certainly very new. So let's get our worst fantasies out of the way — what do you fear most about the Google Car?


I love the idea of a car that drives me around. I've had enough soul-crushing highway drives to get that feeling. But I imagine that the Google Car that drives me around won't be a car that I own. I expect it will be a car that I use, and its maintenance and ownership will go to some kind of car-sharing service.

And this means that I'll be using a car that strangers will have sat in before me. And that means that some day I will walk out of my apartment, step into the Google Car waiting for me, and smell the rank fart that the dude before me just ripped as he stepped out of the vehicle.

Google Cars: I fear their farts.

What do you fear most about the Google Car? How bad could things really get? What dystopian future do you envision?


Photo Credit: Google

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