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What Do You Do When You Get Into An Accident?

Illustration for article titled What Do You Do When You Get Into An Accident?

Crashing a car is usually a bit of a shock. Your heart rate flies up, everything slows down, and you don't think clearly. What steps do you follow after a car crash?


Our advice is to stay calm. You've got a lot of adrenaline right now, but you need to stay focused. You may be hurt or your car may be in a dangerous spot. Don't rush to conclusions; assess the situation and think through what you need to do.

If you have been in an accident, what did you do that was good, or what would you have done differently? If you had a checklist of actions to follow after an accident, what would be on it?


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Photo Credit: Chris Yarzab

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Micheline Maynard

In my last car crash, I was turning legally onto Michigan Avenue in Chicago (there were two right hand turn lanes) when someone came up the right-hand turn lane and plowed into me. We pulled our cars over and called the police, who never came. It turns out in Chicago, you have to go TO the police station in order to get a police report for a traffic accident on a surface street. But I still recommend that you always call the police, if only to have a record to present to your insurance agent.