Old military vehicles are awesome fun and very useful, just ask these hippies or anyone trying to survive their apocalypse of choice. What decommissioned military land vehicle do you most covet?

There are a lot of weird military vehicles we want, but for the pure awesome and low operating cost we'd probably go with a deuce-and-a-half M35 six-wheel truck. Where else for around $2,000 (if you want a nice one) can you get a fully-operational truck capable of towing over 7,000 pounds while simultaneously transporting a dozen NATO troops? There are numerous varieties of this vehicle, but they typically include a small cab, large covered bed and some form of turbocharged multi-fuel engine. And by multi-fuel we mean you can put just about anything in the tank and it'll run, including but not limited to: diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel and vodka. You can run them across rivers, over deserts and through walls. The only thing you can't really do with them is park them in a major city. But who cares? Just put it in the middle of the street. Is someone going to tow it? We think not.

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