Top 12 Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles Of The 2009 Chicago Auto Show

Being a truck show, the staggering number of post-apocalyptic survival vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show make Chicago the place to be for the end of the world. Who knew? Here's the 12 best.

We've done a list of the ten best post-apocalyptic survival vehicles in the past, but after seeing the vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show, we just had to put together this shopping list for vehicles for the end of days.


Especially because of the variety of vehicles available in Chi-town, it's perfect for days like these where it feels the Apocalypse could come in so many shapes and sizes. Will it be a comet collision? Overpowering waves of radiation following a devastating solar flare? Zombies? Financiapocalypse? The Chicago Auto Show has such a wide variety of vehicles available to choose from, it's your one-stop shop for survivability. As such we've put together an incredibly varied list of the top twelve cars perfect for whatever annihilation comes your way.

Click each image to see which Apocalypse each vehicle is perfect for!


The Ford F-650 is an automatic fail because of the external tanks. They could easily be syphoned off or, even worse, explode when hit by small-arms fire. It seems someone has forgotten the Pinto.

The Auburn will do well as an extra in the inevitable remake of Neville Shute's "On the Beach".