So Raph's Show Us about sturdiest looking trucks got me thinking along similar lines, and inspired me to make that goofy drawing up there. I'm more interested in what trucks really look like they're busting ass to all that crap. Like that Ford C-Series up there.


I know doing two Show Us posts in one night probably isn't all that smart, but I think these two go together so well I couldn't help myself. So, while you're looking for sturdy trucks, let's see the ones with faces that look like they're straining, straining to move that container-load of exfoliating punice stones or hackey sacks or personal lubricant tubes or whatever.

Hell, let's open it up to cars, too — there's some cars out there with perpetual strain-face! Find 'em and throw 'em in the comments and we can all make sympathetic faces as we contemplate the intense labor they're expending.

Have at it!

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