With rumors swirling about the newest flying car, I mean self-driving car, I mean Apple car, I'm forced to wonder how many times a very much non-automotive company has sold an automobile?

The first that springs to mind is the Allstate.


Back in the early '50s, the VP of manufacturing at Sears was also on the board of then-upstart car manufacturer Kaiser-Frazer, the Kaiser being the same Kaiser in Kaiser Permanente, among other things. You can read a full history of the company on the always-excellent Ate Up With Motor.


In any case, one thing led to another and Sears started selling K-F's diminutive ultra budget car, the Henry J through its famous catalog. The car got a new face and Sears branded it an 'Allstate' like its other manufactured goods. Sales were pretty poor, and the car only lasted for two model years before Sears cancelled it.

What other car can you think of that was built or sold by a non-carmaker?

Photo Credits: Sears via Alden Jewell