What Car Would You Never Want Even As A Gift?

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Amazingly (or more correctly, obviously) the old Chrysler Sebring made our list of most scathing car reviews twice: once as a Sebring, again after it was mildly refreshed as the 200C. That says something.

Cars are nice and all because they are generally better at crossing long distances on land than walking, but the downside is that only a relative few among the boring masses are worth driving. You don’t want all the stuff that’s out there, even as a Christmas/Hanukkah/Toyotathon gift.

So that’s our question of the day: Which car would you never want as a gift?

I can tell you that if you dropped a Sebring or 200C off at my house, and said “This is yours now,” we probably wouldn’t be friends after that. Unless I could run it in a demolition derby. Then we’re good.


What car would you never want with a big red bow on top?

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