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It's so close to Thanksgiving right now that the number of people thinking about gravy right now is off the scale on my Gravycognitivometer. But it's not all gravy, of course — there's also those buckle-hatted pilgrims to consider. And that makes us consider asking what car would you make a pilgrimage to see?


By pilgrimage, of course, I mean a long journey focused on this one goal: to encounter a particular car. To keep things focused, let's say this pilgrimage has to take you to some sacred automotive space — a motor museum.

I actually just undertook such a pilgrimage recently, when I travelled to Nashville to see the Western Hemisphere's only Hanomag Kommisbrot. I was going in that direction anyway, but I made a point to detour a bit to the Lane Motor Museum to see this particular car.


Like a pilgrimage, it was sort of religious-feeling. The car was old and pristine enough to feel like a holy relic, there were funny actions and incantations used to get it started, most of which sounded strangely like profanity, and the seats were a bit like pews.

Unlike most religious services I've been to, though, I found the driving experience to be absolutely delightful.

So how about you pilgrims? What car would you make a pilgrimage to see?

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