What Car Would You Drive Through Guatemala?

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Tropical Storm Agatha caused massive devastation beneath the streets of Guatemala, manifesting itself in a three-story deep sinkhole. Given the earth could open up underneath you at any moment, what car would you drive through Guatemala?


A sinkhole is an unpredictable and utterly terrifying natural phenomena that occurs all over the world and right now they're forming in Guatemala.

Personally, I'd pick a Caterham R500 to traverse the dangerous streets of Guatemala City. The insane 2.0-liter Ford-powered roadster has classic Caterham agility to avoid sinkholes, 520 hp-per-ton power to speed away from an earth opening beneath your feet, a low 1,115-lb weight to help leap over any obstacles, and an open roof in case you can't do any of those things and need to bail in a hurry. It's not strong or big or luxurious, but my belief is I'd rather try to avoid a sinkhole than try to survive one.

Assuming you were airlifted in to the country with a vehicle of your choice — what would you take and what would your strategy be for avoiding death?

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More photos of the sinkhole over at Gizmodo.


Matt Brown

Whatever car will get me the hell out of Guatemala the fastest.