Giant Canadian Sinkhole Swallows Road, Home

This road outside of Montreal now sits at the bottom of a giant sinkhole along with part of a house. The man who drove his truck into the hole is alive, but the family that lived in the house is missing.

The 500-yard-wide sinkhole appeared without warning at around 9:00 last night in the town of Saint-Jude, a community just north of Montreal. A passing driver alerted the police after his truck crashed into the hole.


The driver somehow survived the fall into the pit, but no one who lives inside the home has been been found. It's not clear if the occupants were in the house when the sinkhole appeared. A local blamed the hole's formation on a type of loose clay that forms in the area.

UPDATE: The family of four didn't survive.

(Hat tip to Matt!)

[Montreal Gazette]

Photo Credit: The Gazette/Phil Carpenter

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