Today's video of journalists being driven around the road course at GM's Milford Proving Grounds ( a.k.a. the "Lutz Ring") in the 2009 Corvette ZR1 got us thinking about all those cars we'd like to hoon around the not-really-very-famous track. This leads to the obvious question: what vehicle would you like to take round the Lutz Ring for ultimate proving?


High on our list would be the Chevy Volt, because we're curious how far along it is. We'd also like to try our hands at a Phaeton, which was designed to take the worst kind of punishment imaginable for a road car. We'd want to drive, but we'd definitely invite the Lutz along for some Aussie-style hooning in the Pontiac G8 ST. And just for Lutz Lolz, we'd like to see how long it would take to rip apart the new Fiesta on the road surface course adjacent to the high speed ring.

Maybe if you impress "Maximum" Bob with your choice and he's reading, he'll take you for a romantic ride in his plane. So hop to it — what would you like to send around his ring?

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