What Car Stuff Did You Get For Christmas?

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The holiday season is now over, and we’re at the part of the year where it’s the longest possible time before the next one. How sad! I hope you managed a good haul of parts, tools, accessories and more crap while you could. What car stuff did you get for Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever else you celebrate?


I’m pleased to report that none of us at Jalopnik got a brand new Lexus wrapped in a big red bow. That has yet to happen. We’re just not classy enough for that. But David Tracy got a new tool bag, Kristen Lee splurged on a service for her C32 AMG, and I think Jason Torchsinsky got some stuff for his Nissan Pao.

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As for me, I didn’t get any car stuff yet, but the radiator on my 1984 BMW 733i shat the bed yesterday. That shaky fan came back, even after I replaced the fan, clutch and water pump flange, and this time it dug into the radiator and dumped coolant everywhere. I was driving it a short distance home when the noise came back and hoped I’d make it, but the Old BMW Gods had other plans in mind.

Looks like I’ll be trying to score some post-Christmas closeout deals on a new radiator and a new water pump. Fun!

Anyway, tell us about your holiday car haul. I hope it was great, and even more so, I hope it was a nice and restful time spent with friends and family—and the good cars in your life.

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My wife got me 5 laps in each of Ferrari and a McLaren at one of those Exotic Car Experience places in Vegas when we go next month. So that will be awesome!