What Are Your Favorite Holiday Movie Cars?

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There is nothing more satisfying than spending the days before the holidays lounging on the couch like a slug watching festive movies while eating all the cookies you’ve collected from the folks who get really into the holiday spirit. When you’re working here at Jalopnik, it’s hard to get cars off the brain—so just about any holiday film turns into a game of What’s That Car. At least, it does for me and my fiancé.

But instead of compiling my own list, I wanted to turn it out to the crowd this year. I’m far less versed on holiday films than I should be, but I have a feeling some of y’all out there are formidable experts and can list off about one hundred movies I’ve never even heard of without hesitation.

So, I ask you: what are the best cars of the holiday movie genre? I need to know which movies to add to my watch list next year.

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