So What Do Movies Get Right About Cars?

Screenshot: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift (YouTube)
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Okay, we’ve already gone through what movies get wrong about cars (it’s a lot), so let’s flip the question around. What do movies actually get right about cars?

I am genuinely asking, because when I sat down to write this post this morning, I found myself struggling. I couldn’t really get past all the physics-defying stunts and inaccuracies that I’m used to seeing. But there has to be something that remains accurate through the whole spectacle, right?


I suppose the stunts in Mad Max: Fury Road were pretty realistic, as the cars were all custom-built and there was very little CGI used during filming. Like when the War Rig is being attacked by guys swinging on poles? Those guys were real. And the War Rig itself was:

a Tatra with six-wheel-drive powered by two supercharged V8s, a 1940s Chevy Fleetmaster welded to the back of the cab, and a Beetle cabin mounted to the tanker.

Damn, that movie came out in 2015? Seems like a really long time ago!

Anyway, it’s your turn. What do movies get right about cars?

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