What Car Sounded Way Better Than You Thought It Would?

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The new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro with the V6 might look like a very steady continuation of the whole Camaro theme. But that’s just the looks. The sound is something different.

I don’t know exactly how much trickery Chevy put into this engine/exhaust combo, but it sounds real mean from where I’m sitting, kind of like a 2000s Infiniti with open headers, or maybe a Jaguar F-Type after too many cigarettes.

However you put it, I didn’t expect the new V6 Camaro to sound this good.

What other car surprised you with an unexpectedly good sound?


Photo Credit: Mike Roselli for Jalopnik

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I know it makes sense given the lack of muffler and all the talk but I didn’t truly believe reviews or reports until I heard one in person. Hype about movies let me down and I figured the same thing for this little beast. The only time I did see one I was at a light with my windows down when the distant BRAAAAAAP caught my attention. Then this little thing takes the turn through the lights and I sat there smiling to myself. It was great.