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It looks like there's gonna be three more Transporter movies, so now seems like a good idea to determine what should be the star car in the next one.

The obvious choice would be an Audi, but some of our readers think slightly outside the four rings, I mean box.

It all started with this argument about the Mercedes S65 AMG.


Stiiiill slower than the S8


Arch Duke Maxyenko

But V12, your argument is invalid.


True, but I've never really gotten the gist that Merc's V12 was anything to write home about.


Arch Duke Maxyenko

One word, Pagani.


If a Pagani-massaged V12 somehow ended up in an S-Class, I would die happy. Too bad there's no good reason to build such a vehicle...WAIT

/starts writing The Transporter 4

Frankly, a Pagani-engine Mercedes would be such a perfect movie car I can't believe I didn't think of it first.


What car would you like to see, production or custom, to headline as the next Statham vehicle?

Photo Credit: Mercedes, Pagani