What Car Part Works Best As Something Else?

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You know what most cars are made of? Steel? Aluminum? Fiberglass? Sort of. Really, they're made of parts. Glorious, funny-shaped parts, by the barrel-full. So here's something to think about: are there any of these parts that are especially good for something other than being on a car?


I've thought about this idea before, even going so far as to make an Atari controller from an Oldsmobile seat-adjustment control. But I think there's even simpler, more fundamental ones out there, like engine-block tables, or, even easier, hubcaps used as dishes. This place serves Margaritas in them.


I once used a clean Beetle hubcap to give my dog water, in a pinch, and, while wobbly, it worked fine. I'm sure there's some hubcap designs out there that are basically just a dishwasher trip away from the table.

What do you kooks think? Any better ideas?

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Awesome wine rack.