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Although already an attractive, if stale, design, the 2010 Jaguar XJ just received a profound makeover. But there's a lot of dead weight out there. What model needs a complete makeover?


To us it's clear: the Chevy Impala. Even with the overwhelming blandness of the current model, GM has yet to completely squander the good will associated with the classic nameplate. People love the older Impalas, and not just in the "I drive a lowered 6-4" sort of way. There's The Beach Boys old "409" and, a personal favorite, the seventh-generation B-body SS. But the current model is FWD, the SS version is clunky and both have zero style. They make decent police cars, but not much else. GM should follow Fritz Henderson's claimed desire to "excite buyers" by resurrecting the excitement of the Impala. If only they had a vehicle around that was RWD and powerful.... hmm... like, say, the Pontiac G8 GXP? Please?

What say you?

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