Should The Pontiac G8 GXP Become The Chevy Camaro SS Sedan?

Hey, if BMW has the M3 sedan, why can't Chevy get the Pontiac G8 GXP as a high-horsepower super sporty sedan?


Well, probably because enthusiasts are like, the least important of GM's list of stakeholders at the moment and there's little desire on the part of the administration, the biggest of the new stakeholders, for building a high-horsepower super-sedan. Which is a shame.

So although it'll never happen, even with Pontiac now dead, that won't stop us from dreaming high-horsepower Corvette-engined dreams from a platform that's birthed the greatest Pontiac ever built. But not as a Camaro SS — rather, we'd prefer this bad boy become an Impala SS. Either way, in our fantasy world, we'd be pleased as punch. But what say you?

[via Edmunds Straightline]

Illustrations: Nick Wilcox

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