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Which Car Has The Widest Horsepower Range?

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When you buy a Lamborghini Huracan, you’re only getting a car with huge power. When you buy a Mazda2, you’re only getting a car with teeny tiny power. But there are some individual models that span the whole spectrum.


I wonder which individual car model has the absolute widest gap in horsepower figures, from its least powerful engine to its most.

For instance, the least powerful Fiat 500 a person can buy is the puffy 59-horsepower TwinAir two-cylinder. The most powerful is the 190-horsepower 695 Abarth Biposto version.


That’s a 131 horsepower gap, sure, but the 695 has more than three times as much power as the TwinAir. That has to count for something. (Too bad they don’t sell it in America.)

But assuredly there are better and more obvious choices (something to do with a feline visitor from the afterlife comes to mind) that you can think of. Post the model with the biggest horsepower spectrum you can think of below.


Photo Credit: Fiat

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