From the Lexus LFA to the BMW i8 and now to the refreshed Porsche 911, it seems as if all sports car manufacturers feel the need to manipulate the sound that their engines produce. So which carmaker does it best?


I’m quite fond of the i8’s noises. It makes some of the most unique “engine” noises you can experience in any sports car today and helps to embody the car’s futuristic styling. Most of the noise is pumped through in-cabin speakers using BMW’s Active Sound Design technology, but it still delivers a seemingly authentic futuristic sports car noise very well.


Hell, even with the Active Sound tech off, it still sounds crazy. And allow me to remind you that it’s only packing a three-cylinder between those rear wheels.

So what do you think? What car comes from the factory with the best sound engineered engine noise? It can be something like the crazy crackles of the Jaguar F-Type or even a Subaru WRX STi with the factory sport exhaust. Drop a sound clip video in the comments for your choice.

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