The BMW i8's Three-Cylinder Sounds Like A Ferocious Demon

Worried that the BMW i8, BMW's new flagship hybrid sports car with a three-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor would sound like a misfiring Smart Car attached to a sparking dentist's drill? Worry no more, because it sounds like a savage Bavarian brute.


This particular i8 is a test model with BMW's Active Sound Design disabled, so it might not be exactly what the exotic Bimmer's owners will hear. Bimmerpost says that some BMW owners have found a workaround on that, but be that as it may, it looks like ASD won't be modifying the engine note, just muffling it. In more hardcore modes, it'll probably sound pretty close to what's audible here.

Our hybrid future will not be silent, and it will be awesome.

H/t to Battery Tender Unnecessary on Oppo!

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This is the same BMW that already pipes fake engine noise into the cabin, right?