After finding out about Crown Vic hoarding in the wake of the model's cancellation this week, we got to wondering what vehicle we would have stocked up on as personal fleet vehicles. What car do you wish you had hoarded when it was new?


The idea of hoarding new vehicles for use, long after they are available in dealerships, is pretty appealing to car lovers for obvious reasons. While linear time, space constraints and finances limit most of us from having a garage full of identical cars for long term personal use, this weekend we want to know what that garage would be full of if you did. What would your personal fleet vehicle be?

To be clear we are talking about vehicles intended for your own use, not for profit/investment or show or anything else. To make it more interesting, we're going to limit your vehicle hoard to a vehicle that could have theoretically been purchased in bulk quantity at a dealership. As long as a normal person with a check and a car transporter could have bought it or ordered it at some point in time, it counts.

The official Joslin fleet vehicle would be a 409 equipped 1962 Chevrolet Bel-Air Bubble Top. Driving one of these early muscle cars year round in whatever circumstance you desire, free of the usual high dollar car stress would be ideal. If something happened to the car you were driving, a simple trip to the garage would produce another brand new 49 year old 409 powered Bel-Air, ready to hit the streets. Maybe it is because I've seen so many of these cars with mirrors under them on a show field, but the idea of carefree 409 bubbletop hoonage makes the ‘62 my ideal fantasy hoard choice.

I've told you about the vintage W block Chevy I would have hoarded, so tell me what car do you wish you had hoarded when it was new?


(Photo Credit: DeMille Productions)

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