Police hoard Crown Vic cop cars before Ford kills them

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With the demise of the Ford Crown Victoria in a few short months, police departments around the nation are scrambling to find a replacement. Or, like the city of Austin, Texas, they're buying enough now to last five years.

Police in Austin have asked city leaders for money to buy 174 Crown Vics, saying the Vic doesn't just fit their equipment, it's still the only true police-ready vehicle. The department has dabbled with the Dodge Charger, but contends its back seat and trunk lack enough bedonk for computers and other gear. It's also worried that the possible replacements — the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor or Chevrolet Caprice — may cost far more than the three-decade-old Crown Vic. Thanks, Mike!


Photo Credit: AP

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

It's Ford's own fault for having their fingers in their arse when they should've been organizing an American spec Falcon. Instead they come up with the automotive version of bullshit, the Ford Taurus.