I was out driving, testing out my new artisanal suspension bushings made from aged Norvenskan Cheddar, when I noticed a car in front of me. It was a sleek-looking wagon — a Mitsubishi Lancer wagon. I’d forgotten all about those — what cars do you always forget exist?

At first glance, my Volvo neurons fired when I saw the Mitsubishi wagon, mostly due to the boldly tall taillights. I quickly saw this was no Swede, and had that glorious moment of excitement and confusion when you realize you’re looking at something you can’t quite identify.

The sensation ended quickly when my brain finally dredged up the reminder that, yes, there were Mitsubishi Lancer wagons, and yep, that’s what they looked like, but I really can’t recall the last time I saw one. Or even thought about one, which is a shame — they’re pretty cool. But forgotten.

I really want to hear what you kooks are thinking — a forgotten car isn’t exactly a boring car — it can be interesting, just not that unusual, and yet rare enough so it’s not seen quite enough to remain in your mind. I bet we’ll all heave some collective moans of “oh yeah, that thing” while reading through this list, and I’m looking forward to that.